The Julia H. Dodds Award

The Julia H Dodds Junior Girls award was established in 1992 to honor an outstanding graduating high school senior.  The award is in honor of Mrs. Dodds, who was the first 50-year member of the Illinois Women’s Golf Association.

2018 Dodds Award Winner – Rachel Rhee

The Julia Dodds Award has been given to accomplished young women as they embarked on their college careers.   This year, the IWGA Committee selected Rachel Rhee of Glencoe, IL.  Rachel has graduated from New Trier High School in Winnetka, taking all honors courses in her senior year, which is rarely done, and achieving a very high grade point average.  She will be attending Washington University (St Louis) and playing golf on the team.

In letters of recommendation, Rachel was viewed as “being on track to be a change maker and a leader on campus” and “not afraid to step up and speak out against injustice”.   Among her many activities, she was in the Student Instructional Leadership Corps, where she helped students review for tests, graded student writing,  and designed and taught a lesson on changing attitudes toward immigrants in the 19th century.  She served as Co-head for the local branch of Girl –Up, a UN Organization that helps girls in places where it is difficult to be a girl.  Perhaps most moving to the committee, she co-founded the Korean American Butterfly Team, to advocate for women in slavery and sex slavery, with a particular focus on the Korean comfort women of WWII used by the Japanese.



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Applications are made on-line at the IWGA website ( Criteria for the Julia Dodds Award include: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Sportsmanship.

Those interested in applying should send documentation of academic status (year in school and gpa) and name of high school.  Two letters of recommendation are required and can be from high school principal, high school teachers, or  anyone who has knowledge of the applicant. Each applicant should write a personal narrative which describes your extracurricular activities, expresses things that have impacted your life, and outlines your plans for the future. Also, please enclose a recent photo.

Application will be accepted beginning on February 1 and deadline for submission is April 2nd by 5:00 pm. 

The $2,000.00 award will be directed to the award winner’s college to assist with her educational expenses. If the honoree is unable to accept the cash award, the IWGA will determine an organization to receive the money in her honor.

Julia H Dodds Award Application Form

Questions should be e-mailed to:

IWGA Dodd Committee

Julia Dodds Award Winners