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The USGA instituted the State Team Tournament in 1995 in celebration of its centennial. The format was similar to the World Amateur Team Championship, where the men and women compete in separate tournaments. Each state sent three men and three women to represent them in the tournament. The tournament was so popular that it has been designated a bi-annual event.

Illinois selected the 1995 and 1997 women’s teams by a committee selection process. In 1999, the responsibility for team selection was assigned to the IWGA. To aid in determining the best players to represent the State, the IWGA established a point system to assist with the selection process. Points are accumulated by participation in state, local, and national tournaments. Qualifying tournaments are classified by type, including qualifying rounds for match-play tournaments. A committee from the IWGA reviews the tournaments and assigns the maximum point value which will be available for that tournament.

The winner of an eligible tournament receives 100% of the maximum point value for that tournament, with subsequent finishers receiving a percentage of that maximum value as determined by their finish position.

To be eligible for selection, the player must reside in Illinois. College players are ineligible due to NCAA rules.

Since the goal is to select the women who are most representive of Illinois, the points for Illinois tournaments are weighted heavier than their national counterparts. In addition, since it is a two year selection process, the point values for the first year of the selection period are de-valued by 50%, to attempt to insure that the players who are selected have been performing well in the year prior to the tournament.

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