IWGA Club Membership


REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION IN IWGA TOURNAMENTS* (see product description for more info).

The annual club membership fee is only $40 and covers all players at your club.

2017 Club Member List

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*All players that would like to participate in an IWGA Championship Tournament must be representing a club that is a member of the IWGA or must join the IWGA as an individual member.

Founded in 1933, IWGA is an all-volunteer organization devoted to advancing golf opportunities for women and girls in Illinois through tournaments and fundraising to support the spirit of amateur golf. Last year we contributed $2500 to each of our ten public university women’s golf teams.   Other fund recipients of IWGA include student scholarships, medical research grants, Veteran’s organizations and local charities.   We encourage your club/association to host a Victory Tournament at your site to help us support these causes.

During World War II, the IWGA began the Victory Tournament to show support for our men in uniform. The first tournament was held in 1941 to raise money for veterans’ hospitals. Still in existence today, these philanthropic efforts raise over $20,000 each year. Of all state women’s golf organizations, Illinois is the only one with this type of charitable giving. Total contributions exceeding $1,094,000 have been donated over the past sixty two years to the IWGA Victory Tournament.

Help us continue to promote golf for women of all ages in the State of Illinois by sending in your dues today!   Just return the enclosed card with your check for $40 for your IWGA MEMBERSHIP for 2016.     Your support is greatly appreciated.


Janice Kimpel, IWGA Membership Chair