Senior Entries Received


Practice Round – All 120 registered players are entitled to one practice round, the practice round is Monday, September 14th. The week of September 6th, please contact Country Club of Decatur Golf Shop, (217) 429-7823 to make arrangements to play your practice round on Monday September 14th. Additional practice rounds are available (user pay) pending course availability. Call the Golf Shop (217) 429-7823 to arrange.

Monday Registration – 11 am – 3 pm

Tuesday Pairings (Shotgun Start at 9 am) – Will be posted approximately at 6 pm Monday, September 14, 2015. Thank You for participating and good luck to you all!

Fun activities are being planned for you immediately after golf. Shop early in our Pro Shop for some new arrivals, some merchandise ordered just for this tournament.

Entries will be accepted from the applicants with the lowest handicaps through August 15, 2015, or until the field of 120 players is full. Players on the waiting list will be notified by phone and/or email if they are in position to fill an opening.

The August 15th handicap revision will be used to determine the low 120 players.

Normal registrations are now closed

We have received over 120 entries and have verified all handicaps to determine the lowest 120 players that comprise the field.  Players whose handicaps are not in the low 120 are  on a waiting list in order of handicap index.

We will continue to take late entries from players who are hoping we will exhaust the official waiting list.  These late entries will be placed in a secondary waiting list in order of receipt of entry and payment.

Update 9/9/15 8:10 pm


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1 Aller, Joyce MolineOakwood CC
2 Barding, Holly DecaturCC of Decatur
3 Barkei, Shelly StewardIngersoll
4 Barnet, Rosalie Coal ValleyOakwood CC
5 Barnosky, Meg PeoriaArrowhead CC
6 Beck, Sally VoloGlenview Park GC
7 Bielefeldt, Darleen Maschesney ParkTri Club
8 Binns, Cheryl L Germantown HillsQuail Meadows
9 Bolster, Gwen RockfordIngersoll GC
10 Bonsack, Pam PeoriaQuail Meadows
11 Bowers, Jan Lincoln
12 Boysen, Mimi DixonTimber Creek GC
13 Brown, Beverly East PeoriaQuail Meadows GC
14 Burgard, Wanda Cherry ValleySandy Hollow GC
15 Burgess, Sonia Carol StreamVillage Links
16 Burgy, Pat RockfordRockford CC
17 Carmitchel, Jan LincolnLincoln Elks CC
18 Carstens, Deanna McHenryMcHenry CC
19 Carter, Katrina NapervilleSpringbrook GC
20 Clark, Chris NormalWeibring GC
21 Clarke, Mary NorthbrookWilmette GC
22 Clinton, Melody RockfordSandy Hollow GC
23 Clott, Robyn RockfordSandy Hollow GC
24 Coker, Judy East Peoria
25 Coleman, Monica Long GroveMcHenry CC
26 Cousley, Mary Lou AltonMetropolitan GC
27 Davis, Julie MacombHarry Mussato GC
28 Davison, Ada BartlettBartlett Hills GC
29 Denoma, Mimi Lake VillaMcHenry CC
30 Devore, Jan Decatur
31 Devoss, Cindi SchaumburgPhilSwing
32 Diana, Debby ChicagoLake Bluff GC
33 Donovan, Sandy McHenryMcHenry CC
34 Edwards, Donna GeneseoOakwood CC
35 Endsley, Pam DecaturCC Of Decatur
36 Englund, Judy RockfordSandy Hollow CC
37 Faber, Frances DecaturRed Tail GC
38 Falasco, Christine PalatinePine Meadow
39 Feeney, Martha NormalWeibring GC
40 Fleming, Dawn NormalPrairie Vista GC
41 Foley, Kate PlainfieldWedgewood GC
42 Foster, Shelly Coal ValleyOakwood CC
43 Frankfort, Leslie RockfordIngersoll CC
44 Freeman, Vicki NormalIronwood GC
45 Fritzsche, Pam ChicagoWinnetka GC
46 Giannone, Carol RoselleBartlett Hills
47 Gilstrap, Kristine McHenryMcHenry CC
48 Golucki, Carol ChicagoSportsman's CC
49 Gouty, Carol WoodridgeVillage Greens
50 Greskovich, Judy LibertyvillePine Meadow
51 Grosenheider, Penny Litchfield
52 Hackenmiller, Sharon RockfordSandy Hollow GC
53 Hannam, Gail GalesburgLake Bracken CC
54 Harshman, Ann DecaturRed Tail
55 Henderson, Bev Peoria HeightsArrowhead CC
56 Honda, Josephine ChicagoPhilSwinG
57 Houseworth, Sue Mt. VernonGreen Hills
58 Johnson, CJ NapervilleSpringbrook GC
59 Johnson, Rhonda Beach ParkPine Meadow/Bonnie
60 Kawata, Seiko Hoffman EstatesPhilSwinG
61 Kazmar, Kathy PlainfieldBolingbrook GC
62 Killion, Denise Coal ValleyOakwood CC
63 Kimpel, Janice UrbanaUrbana CC
64 Lee, Geneta AledoHawthorn Ridge GC
65 Lee, Patti East MolineShort Hills CC
66 Lemke, Gwen RockfordIngersoll GC
67 Libera, Lynn River ForestWhite Pines
68 Lolmaugh, Patti AntiochMcHenry CC
69 Martin, Mary Ellen WinfieldVillage Links of Glen Ellyn
70 McDermott, Veronica BartlettBartlett Hills GC
71 McKinney, Joanne RockfordIngersoll GC
72 McLaughlin, Gillian ChicagoLake Bluff
73 McLear, Char McHenryMcHenry CC
74 Miller, Sue WoodridgeEWGA
75 Moore, Sally RockfordTri Club
76 Motter, Kattie Machesney ParkTri Club
77 Niko, Janet SchaumburgPhilSwing
78 O'Boyle, Martha Palos HeightsCog Hill
79 O'Leary, Meg DecaturRed Tail Run
80 Orban, Kathy MacombHarry Mussato
81 Owens, Susan AvonHarry Mussatto GC
82 Page, Leslie Hoffman EstatesMcHenry CC
83 Parr, Judy RockfordSandy Hollow CC
84 Pence, Vickie LitchfieldLitchfield CC
85 Peterson, Donna NormalIronwood GC
86 Peterson, Sharon RockfordSandy Hollow GC
87 Pierce, Connie ChampaignChampaign CC
88 Platte, Marilyn NapervilleSpringbrook GC
89 Poulos, Mickey WilmetteWilmette GC
90 Powers, Carol AltonMetropolitan GC
91 Randall, Patty DecaturCC of Decatur
92 Rash, Martha PlainfieldBolingbrook GC
93 Reuer, Clarita SchaumburgPhilSwinG
94 Richards, Claudia St. Charles
95 Sanders, Carol NorthbrookSportsman's CC
96 Schwarz, Jackie HuntleyPine Meadow GC
97 Seiler, Jane PeoriaPeoria Park District
98 Sholl, Mereva Machesney parkTri Club
99 Sievers, Lucy WilmetteWinnetka GC
100 Sims, Edie Homer GlenJoliet CC
101 Sloan, Sue DecaturCC of Decatur
102 Smith, Linda WinnebagoTri Club
103 Smith, Paula ChampaignU of I -Savoy
104 St. John, Amy PeoriaArrowhead CC
105 Stack, Carol Champaign
106 Stockton, Marty RocktonTri Club
107 Summers, Diane HamelLitchfield CC
108 Tenarvitz, Lou PeoriaMT Hawley CC
109 Torp, Kim BataviaSpringbrook GC
110 Turnbull, Barb SpringfieldThe Rail GC
111 Van Opdorp, Terrie AledoExecutive Women's Golf
112 Veroni, Kathy MacombHarry Mussato
113 Wallen, Marilyn RocktonIngersoll GC
114 Webber, Kae NapervilleFox Bend GC
115 Weiler, Beth WadsworthBonnie Brook GC
116 Weiss-Krolikowski, Carin BloomingtonHighland Park GC
117 Wessels, Salley Mt. MorrisIngersoll
118 Wilde, Becky NapervilleSpringbrook GC
119 Zenker, Ursula Crete
120 Zuber, Tamera Charleston
Waiting List
1Wojtaszek, Yolanda Mt ProspectPhilSwinG
2Jordan, Nancy BartlettBartlett Hills
3Brennemann, NancyPekinPekin CC


2016 Online Registration is not available at this time.